Voters Pamphlet Statement

Occupation: Southern Oregon Head Start, Policy Council Board Liaison; Wilson Head Start, Vice Chair

Occupational Background: Wife, mother, volunteer

Educational Background: Lincoln Culinary Institute – Diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: Ombudsman – USS Pittsburgh

Family: Married for 10 years to my husband Kevin and we have an amazing daughter, Riley.

  • Community Connections: I will strive to develop a more cohesive relationship between our community and our schools. Building a stronger relationship between our kids and the community can help them build connections that can have a lasting impact. We can better utilize resources and build partnerships with organizations such as the Jackson County Library System and the Medford Parks and Recreation Department. Education does not end after the school bell rings at the end of the day.
  • Early Education: As a school board member, I will focus on early education as a foundation of success. We need to strengthen and expand local early learning programs such as the P3 Program at Jackson Elementary. Our district should prioritize helping the families of children who are either on waiting lists for Head Start, or can’t afford conventional preschools, to get children ready for kindergarten.
  • Increasing Graduation Rates: The Medford School District has made great strides toward increasing our high school graduation rate, from 65% to 77% in two years. I will work to continue building on those accomplishments by supporting programs with a track record of success including summer school, college preparation programs, and early intervention for struggling students.
  • “Casey Stine is offering exactly the perspective and experience this community deserves. I’m excited to see her in action as a member of the Medford School Board.”
    – Michael Campbell, Medford School Board

    Gary Wheeler Mayor of Medford
    Kay Brooks Medford City Councilor
    Karen Starchvick Medford School Board
    Sunny Spicer Kid Time Executive Director